Population : 41,12,936
Language : English And Maori
Currency : $ (New Zealand Dollar)
Area : 270534
Capital : Wellington
States/Provices : North Island, South Island.
People : 74%European, 13.5% Maroi, 6% Polynesian, 6% Asian.
Government : Independent Member of the British Commonwealth.


As New Zealand located in the southern Pacific Ocean, the seasons are reversed it its summer from December to February and winter from June to August. Typically, summer temperatures lie between 15'C 31'C, while winter temperatures range from -7'C to 10'C.

About College

College Established in 1968, Computer power has grown to become one of Australasia's leading independent providers of IT and professional skills training. Since 1996 New Zealand School of Travel and Tourism (NZSTT) has provided high quality Travel, Tourism and Business training to meet industry requirements both in new Zealand and world - wide.

Employment in New Zealand

Over the years, there has been a dramatic change in New Zealand's employment scene. There has been a strong growth in the service-based industries of business Travel & Tourism, IT fields. Over the same period, the manufacturing industry, and the agriculture and fishing industry.

Why Study In New Zealand

The cost of educational in New Zealand is much lower than those in the UK, Canada and USA, as living cost too are considerably lower. Coupled with world-class qualification, this makes for a cost- effective investment in your education.
New Zealand Immigration rules and policies are far more relaxed than many other countries.
New Zealand has political stable democracy, and is ranked third among the least corrupted nations of the world.
Surrounded by water bodies, New Zealand enjoys nice and moderate climate, resulting in a warm midsummer and cool winters.

Document For Visa

* Valid Passport.
* Student Visa Application Form.
* Student Visa Fee.
* The offer of place. (The school/college that confirmed your enrollment will send you this. It includes name of institution, the name of course, course fee.etc.)
* Medical x-ray certificates form.
* Education Documents.
* Financial Documents you must submit evidence of sufficient funds for maintenance during your stay in New Zealand.
* A Written guarantee from New Zealand education institute or person that suitable accommodation is available for you in New Zealand.
* Evidence of fee payment.
* A police clearance certificate for those above 17 years of age.