Population : 60.218 Million
Language : English
Currency : British Pound
Area :
Capital : London
People : Anglo-Saxons,Scots,Welsh,Irish,West-indies,Indians,Pakistanis


Cloudy weather and light rain is present at any time of the year in any part of UK. Temperatures are not known to fall too far below freezing during December to Febr.Summers (June to August) are not much warmer that 30'C.

About College

In UK college must be Registered with DFES (Department for Education and Skill) , and BAC (British Academic Council). Semester Intake for colleges are in January, April , May ,July and September.

How to Look For a job

Student can allow to work 20 hrs per week during study. They allow to work full time in college vacation. Students require National Insurance Number (N.I.Number) for job. There are numbers of consultant and websites Which one can refer to while looking for a job.

Document For Visa

1. Visa Form.
2. Passport.
3. UK Student Visa Fee.
4. Education Documents.
5. A letter from your school confirming your acceptance on a course of study in the UK and a statement of charges for the course.
6. Evidence of funds to show that you can pay for your stay and your course of studies in the UK, for example bank statement or pay slips.

How to apply for visa

For Application of UK Student Visa students have to apply from UK Visa Application Centre Ahemdabad Visa Facilitation Service (VFS). You have to give your all Documents With visa fee. They will forward your visa application to BRITISH DEPUTY HIGH COMMISSION , MUMBAI. If your visa granted you have to reach UK before your course start.